The human race has brought excessive and unjustifiable destruction on our planet, on its ecosystems and on its life forms. Despite remarkable achievements our record is disgraceful.

Unsurprisingly we now face problems that threaten our existence, including:

  • Obesity, drug & substance abuse and disease epidemics
  • Pollution and degradation of our air, water, land and all life forms
  • Species Extinction (non-human)
  • Climate change – global warming
  • Destructive weather (anytime anywhere…)
  • Economic . financial and social extremism

An industry-talented ‘comms bunch’ with a key focus on doing good! We believe - Creativity can change the world! As husbands, fathers, wives, mothers, friends, family, community & country we have a duty to fulfill to our future generations. The world needs us now more than ever. Cart Agency is 360-degree communications agency who believe in using our talents for the good! With over 50 years (cumulative) of ‘big agency creds’ a bunch of us decided to give back – positively, to what we have very much contributed to – negatively.