How we do good

Think (Insight & Strategy)

Identifying the best outlets for our partner’s to achieve their ‘voice’, through an in-depth ‘bonding’ process, which involves mission Analysis, Audience Mapping, Organisations and Partners Exploration, and Trend & Behaviour Tracking.

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Ideate (Creative Studio)

360º insight-fuelled, impactful creative campaigning of our partner’s voice and mission! As custodians of the ‘missions’ we work on, we take leadership on the development and guardianship of our Partner’s Voice, Purpose, Positioning, Narrative, Architecture, Tone, Values, Personality and Behaviours, along with their change proposition.

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Chatter (Social Media Studio)

A fully-integrated studio that’s always on – enabling our partners’ digital & social voices.

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Engage (Activation Advocacy Ambassadors)

Dedicated field & online ambassadors to advocate your cause! • At home: community foot ambassadors • On-the-go: taxi rider ambassadors • On-the-ground: school, work or play ambassadors • Online: Social media ambassadors

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Impact (PR & Media)

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Empower (Campaign support gear)

Branded gear to empower our partner’s voice.

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